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Diagnosis (on the examination of a given failure) - 0zł

Diagnosis (in the case of treatment) - 70.00 zł

System with driver installation - 140.00 zł

System repair from - 90zł

Software, networks, bios configurations/upgrade  from - 60zł

Data download from 70zł

Data recovery from 140zł

BGA REBALLING (1 month warranty) from 330.00 zł


Repair of the motherboard (laptop) from 180zł

Motherboard repair (PC) from 120zł

Matrix backlight repair from 100zł

Replacement of DC charging sockets from 120.00 zł

Replacement of the motherboard, USB sockets, matrix, hinges, etc. from 120zł

Matrix replacement from 100.00 zł

HDD/RAM replacement, etc. 60.00 zł

Repair of monitors from 150zł

Cleaning (replacement of paste, thermal pads, dust) - laptop 130.00 zł

Cleaning (replacement of paste, thermal pads, dust) - PC 130.00 zł

Cleaning (replacement of paste, thermal pads, dust) - gaming PC 190.00 zł

Cleaning the motherboard after flooding from 200 zł

Desktop computer provider service – PC 150.00 zł

Desktop computer provider service – gaming PC 250 zł

Service technician diagnosis time: up to 7 days. Treatment time up to 14 working days (depending on the defect)




At MMCOMP, we deal with professional repairs of desktop computers and laptops. We have all possible equipment for servicing computers, laptop motherboards and monitors, so we are able to repair any seemingly impossible fault. The make of the laptop doesn't matter to us, as we can handle the repair of computers from all manufacturers. We guarantee to all customers a professional service for every desktop and laptop.

Laptop service Warsaw is not only computer repair. Using our services, you can count on the diagnosis and repair of netbooks, notebooks, PCs or smartphones. Also installation, repair, update or configuration of operating systems is not alien to us. If you need to update your Windows operating system to Windows 10 or 11, then come to us. We will solve your computer problem for you!

Our service also removes malware and installs, configures and customises software. Computer Emergency Service Warsaw provides IT services, which include: laptop repair, desktop repair, cleaning, data recovery or repair of broken systems and programs.

Laptop repair - laptop service Warsaw

As a specialist laptop repair service Warsaw, we offer a wide range of repair services including activities such as laptop and desktop repairs and device maintenance. The experience we have gained over the years allows us to service your computers effectively. By using our services, you can be sure that our qualified staff will professionally deal with all kinds of faults. In our daily work, we use the latest technology, which helps us to deal efficiently with commissioned repairs. At MMCOMP, we also deal with the maintenance and cleaning of computer equipment. Our offer also includes a computer de-virus service, which most often occurs due to the lack of knowledge of people unfamiliar with computer hardware and software. Fortunately, there are practically no such faults that our computer service cannot cope with. Gocław is one of the areas of Warsaw Praga where we provide our services - it is in this part of the district that our stationary shop and computer service is located. Our Warsaw computer emergency service will solve your problem!

Our offer includes services such as:

  • diagnostics - we provide computer service for customers from such cities as Warsaw, Praga, Gocław or any other districts and towns;
  • localization of faults along with indicating the ways and estimating the repair costs.

When you use our Warsaw laptop repair service, you can be sure that your computer will be repaired using the best and most beneficial methods, which will allow you to save money, for example, on the replacement of parts or computer upgrades. You will always receive a guarantee of quality workmanship from us, whether you are using our Gocław computer repair service or buying off-lease laptops.

Laptop repair Warsaw Praga

Laptop repair Warsaw offers the removal of unwanted and dangerous applications without the risk of data loss. You can also use the service to install appropriate security solutions. At MMCOMP computer service we reinstall or install systems and security programmes. We have an operating system optimisation service.

If you have a problem with your hardware, visit the MMCOMP computer service! If necessary, we will replace or repair damaged components, regenerate the motherboard, graphics cards, bridges and other parts. We also do matrix replacement. Our computer repair service Warsaw offers professional repairs of computers and laptops. Laptop repair is easy for us!

Computer service - computer repair process

At MMCOMP computer service, we first detect the fault. Then we professionally remove the defect. Computer repair often requires the replacement of specific components. Hard disks, graphic cards, processor, motherboard, USB sockets or RAM memory are the most common faults. Our specialists are able to quickly diagnose the cause of the failure of your equipment and offer the most advantageous solution. Our computer repair service Warsaw approaches each repair with care and with the highest quality of service. Laptop repair also means cleaning your equipment from dust and dirt to negate the risk of another breakdown.

When you use MMCOMP's services, such as laptop repair, you will receive a guarantee on all the parts we replace! Depending on the type of fault, we are able to carry out repairs in just a few hours. We diagnose your computer, which if you decide to have it repaired is free of charge, within 1h. For an additional charge, we repair equipment "on the spot", so that our customers can pick up their repaired computer within a few tens of minutes.

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